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Enabling New Beginnings

Our Philosophy

Windana Support Centre is a refuge run by women for women and children. Our framework for service delivery is informed by a feminist perspective, which embraces social justice values, is child focused and culturally sensitive. We work with women and children using strength based practices and strive to create an environment where the strengths of women and children are celebrated, affirmed and consolidated upon.

The service is based on a hierarchical management model where staff and management committee members have recognised roles and responsibilities, every person's contribution is valued and equal participation in decision-making is encouraged and facilitated.

Windana believes that domestic violence results from the interplay of power imbalances, inherent inequities and particular attitudes expressed within society. Domestic violence can manifest in a number of different forms, including physical, emotional, social, psychological, sexual, spiritual, and economic abuse.

Windana adheres to the belief that the use of violence by one person against another is unacceptable and that women and children have the right to be safe from violence. Windana is committed to actively participating in the prevention, intervention and education strategies that will put an end to domestic violence.


Windana has a long and proud history as one of the first domestic violence refuges in Queensland. The service began in approximately 1977 and was originally sponsored by Sunnybank Family Support Centre, then East Brisbane Community Centre for many years. Windana became incorporated in 1995.


Windana is funded by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services, and endeavours to provide short term support and accommodation to women (any age) and children (aged up to 18) escaping domestic and family violence. We operate 5 crisis accommodation units and 4 transitional houses, accommodating an average of 9 women and up to 20-30 children at any one time.


Our current staffing includes a Manager, 3 Family Support Workers, a Housing Support Worker, After-hours Support Worker, Early Intervention Worker, Finance Manager and several Relief Workers.

What we do

Women's refuges provide safe and supported short-term crisis accommodation. When families arrive at the refuge, the support workers will assist them with their immediate needs by providing food, safe accommodation and access to urgent medical attention, should this be needed. Families may stay in the refuge for around 3 months and also have the possibility of extending their stay in a transitional house for around another 3 months.

During this time, our dedicated support workers will work through an extensive case management plan with the woman, focusing on her particular needs and goals.


These may include:

- legal and immigration issues

- parenting support

- transitioning children into new schools and child care centres

- assisting women to obtain income support from Centrelink

- providing domestic violence education

- providing referrals to counselling services

- assisting them to find long term, stable accommodation.


We also provide emotional support and crisis assistance 24 hours a day.

For further information on what refuges are (including a virtual tour of a women's refuge) and the services offered, please visit the Combined Women's Refuge Group website at:





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